Elie El Choufany tells stories about outcasts and misfits with a grounded genre twist, to entertain and to help influence change.
Captivated by themes of belonging, identity and home, his stories deliver an honest understanding of people outside of race, religion, and gender.

Mountians and Lake


Feature Film | Adventure/Animation

In a time when tensions between humans and magical creatures are at an all-time high, 13 year-old Maeve employs the greatest hero of heroes in Medieval Ireland to save her brother from the grip of an evil Banshee who plots to bring an end to the realm of Man.

Foggy Mountains


Feature Film | Adventure/Fantasy

In tribal Greenland, a girl born of a union between a woman and a beast fights against her malevolent urges in search of acceptance. But for her to become fully human, she must do the very thing that makes her a monster.

Hut on a Hill


Feature Film | Thriller/Horror

After flatlining for three minutes, Clair comes back to life, pregnant. The baby that was to save her struggling marriage becomes the very thing that tears it apart.

Image by Jay Wennington


Feature Film | Adventure/Animation

A lonely 13 year-old boy living on a floating rock above the clouds accidentally provokes a war between the elemental Gods in Japan during his search for friendship away from home.

Image by Shlag


TV Pilot | Action/Fantasy

A traveling Romani family finds itself trapped in the middle of a Civil War in Lebanon, 1975. As they search for an escape route, 17-year-old Leila witnesses the death of her friends and family and is set on a journey of revenge against the killers who took their lives.

Earth and Space


TV Pilot | Adventure/Animation

An alien boy crash-lands on Earth after escaping a vicious attack on his planet. He sets off on an epic journey across the universe with the help of a talking Eagle, in his search for a way back home.

Image by Jametlene Reskp


TV Pilot | Action/Fantasy

The Hundred Years' War waged between the House of Plantagenet and the House of Valois brings France to its knees, but at a great cost. 
In an age of alchemy and bloodletting, Beth continues to search for her sister three years after she lost her during the great war of 1384.

Los Angeles


TV Pilot | Dark Comedy

A Lebanese expat in Los Angeles quits his restaurant job to become the manager of an up-and-coming Drag Queen.


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